How is the T3 Smart Tag Built?

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How is the T3 Smart Tag Built?

Understanding the T3 Smart Tag: Construction and its Physical Technology

The T3 Smart Tag™ is a revolutionary device in the cold chain monitoring industry. Its unique construction and build enable it to provide precise temperature tracking for product deliveries. This article delves into the physical technology behind the T3 Smart Tag™.

Construction and Performance

The T3 Smart Tag™ is a rectangular flat laminate composed of layers of recyclable paper, plastic, adhesive, and other components. The core of the tag is an ultrasonic welded ink reservoir pad containing a blend of Sudan Black dye and specialty chemicals.

This innovative combination of food-safe ink and fatty acid within the tag melts predictably over the stacked barcodes when exposed to warm temperatures. This process allows for accurate interpretation of the over-temperature state and the duration of exposure.

Tracking Temperature Exposure

The T3 Smart Tag™ begins tracking temperature exposure as soon as the start tab is pulled. It provides a user-friendly approach to monitor product temperatures throughout the delivery journey, offering invaluable insights into product safety and package success.

Shelf Life and Storage

The Smart Tag™ has an impressive shelf life of one year from the manufacturing date if stored properly. Once activated, the Smart Tag™ continues to track cumulative time over the threshold temperature for up to two additional years.

For storage, Smart Tags™ should remain wrapped in the plastic sleeve provided or placed in a zip-type bag. The storage temperature should be 3°C/6°F under the threshold temperature of the tag.

Power Source and Water Resistance

Importantly, the T3 Smart Tag™ does not contain a battery or any power source, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

In terms of water resistance, the Smart Tag™ is designed to withstand moisture and condensation encountered in refrigerated conditions or boxes cooled with gel packs. The clear top layer can be folded over and adhered to the back of the tag after activation, providing additional protection. However, it’s important to note that the Smart Tag™ is not designed to be submerged in water.


Varcode has conducted pressure testing on the Smart Tag™, confirming its durability. Even under conditions like a crash between two pallets, it is unlikely that the tags will be damaged, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of situations.

In conclusion, the T3 Smart Tag™ combines innovative construction and technology to provide a robust, reliable, and user-friendly solution for temperature tracking in the cold chain industry. Its unique design, long shelf life, and exceptional performance make it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their cold chain management processes.

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