Master the art of interviewing a VAR

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Master the art of interviewing a VAR

The Flaw in the Buying Process Expose Grand Finale

We have released two articles thus far. Our first proposed that the buying process was much like speed dating. In our second, we laid out the pitfalls that could befall you if you make the wrong choice. We have highlighted the critical flaws in the buying process. But now it’s time to show you exactly how to avoid making critical mistakes when interviewing a Value Added Reseller. 

Paying close attention to these five things will help you unlock true buying power through a fully qualified VAR that fits your unique needs.

How to ensure you get the VAR interview right… the first time!

When you pass on interviewing the VAR, you miss out on buying power. What do we mean by that? 

Say you call and ask for a price on a device; the cost is theoretically $700 per device. That’s great; we can do that, but what if we could ask you what else you might need to supplement or empower the solution? 

You might need mobile printers, charging bays, vehicle-mounted computers, software, support in deploying the solution, etc. Therein is the difference between VARs; some sell you a device, while others sell you a total solution.

If the VAR is adequately equipped with this knowledge, the VAR can now go to the manufacturer with greater buying power. That $700 might now be $550 per device, but you won’t know that because the VAR has effectively blocked your ability to acquire a better price and solution. This is a brief example of how the interview can unlock new levels of savings for you.

So when you interview a potential VAR partner, make sure you are armed with the right questions. We’ve armed you with five key indicators that will tell you if the VAR courting your business is the right fit.

Here are the key details you need to consider when interviewing.

You will get the same or similar product, but at the end of the day, you want to ensure that the company you get the product from does more than get you a price and product. When interviewing, please consider the five following indicators of value. 

Product Availability: Don’t Say Yes to a Product that is Six Months Away

Overcoming product availability hurdles has been a significant obstacle for several companies in recent years. To ensure project success, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of supply chain availability and explore alternative options if necessary. With the right data-driven approach, achieving optimal product availability is now within reach. Avoid long waits for devices that are out of stock. With the correct VAR, if a product is back-ordered, a similar product can be found and deployed long before the manufacturer catches up to demand. Many VARs might claim they have access to a product right away, but come back to you saying the product is back-ordered. Others might have the ability to pivot and provide a similar, if not better product. In truth, what we are qualifying here is honesty from the VAR.

Expertise Matters: Don’t Just Compare Prices.

Don’t be fooled by a competitive price. Just because a Value Added Reseller (VAR) can give you a number doesn’t mean they have the expertise in your industry to help you make informed decisions about hardware procurement. Here are vital things to consider:

  • Procurement is more than price. Your company needs guidance beyond a mere part number.
  • Asking questions is critical. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions.
  • Expertise saves you money in the long run. Avoid costly mistakes by partnering with a VAR who understands your business.

When it comes to hardware procurement, apples are not oranges. By seeking an experienced VAR, you’ll save time, money, and possibly countless headaches. Don’t settle for a purely transactional relationship. Invest in a knowledgeable partner who will help your business thrive.

Pricing: Get the BEST Price for Your NEEDS: Don’t be Fooled by Upfront Costs

Pricing is crucial when making purchases, but simply opting for the lowest upfront cost can cost you more in the long run. Finding the best price for your needs is not a matter of a quick quote. You need to understand how to get the best price for your needs, which requires a professional touch. Ensure the VAR can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your investment pays off. We highlighted this in-depth in our first two articles.

Support: Get Support When You Need It.

If you’re a company that makes purchasing decisions based solely on quotes, getting the support you need down the line can be difficult. Questions and issues always arise, but finding the proper help can be challenging.

That’s where a well-equipped Value-Added Reseller (VAR) can truly shine. Finding a VAR that can facilitate the answers to industry-specific questions, or help you overcome unique challenges can change the relationship. Suddenly you aren’t just buying technology from a vendor; you are engaging with a partner that helps you build your business. Don’t struggle on your own – choose a VAR that can provide the support you need.

Thought Leadership

Many times, a company will call and tell us what they NEED, but after we ask some key questions and make some discoveries, we can help them identify options and solutions that may be a better fit. With experience in many different verticals, we can see what you may not be doing or what your competitors are doing that will help your company make better buying decisions. 

Concluding Thoughts

The point we want to drive home is not that anyone is doing anything wrong but that the buying process itself is flawed. If you go into this process without the proper knowledge in hand, you could be making nearly irreparable mistakes choosing an incompatible Value Added Reseller. 

What sets InTu Mobility Apart from the game of VAR Roullete

We interview you and let you interview us!

By partnering with us, you can be confident you’re getting what you need.

Do you want to deal with multiple vendors for your technology needs?

Most companies would rather have one partner who can handle it all. We can do that for you. Partnering with us will streamline the process for you because we do more than simply acquire hardware for your team. We build working solutions and help you deploy them!

We will even be honest, brutally so. Are we the perfect fit for you? Maybe not.

But what happens when the company you choose solely based on price can’t offer you everything you need? What if the company you passed up could have given you better pricing on the additional pieces you require or had a better understanding of YOUR industry? It’s all about finding the right fit; if that’s not us, we’re okay with that. Don’t settle for less. Choose the company that fits your needs best.

The reality is that searching out a price from multiple sources can hamstring your efforts and eliminate the proper search for the right solutions partner. Don’t settle for the first yes. Instead, take the time to interview and court potential companies based on your interactions. We all sell the same commodity, but choosing a partner who truly understands your vertical market can make all the difference. 

Choose wisely and build a successful partnership in the long run. Not just a price.

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