Does your supply chain seem more like a labyrinth?

Moving and tracking things from point A to point Z these days can require a baffling mixture of hardware and software — plus an understanding of how it all connects.

InTu Mobility can help you navigate the maze


Before recommending a telematics solution that can track fleet, trailers, deliveries, driver habits, hours of service and more, we’ll review the technology used by your drivers, dispatchers, and corporate office that we need to tie into, so everything syncs, once it’s up and running.


Field Service

Because reducing operational overhead and fuel costs are constant objectives for most companies who distribute goods, the field service technology we recommend will reduce those expenses. Plus it will help you better manage your mobile workforce, give customers greater visibility into orders and shipments, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Before recommending a POD solution for your environment, we’ll factor in software and device compatibility, data capture options, system configurability, and ease of implementation — everything that ensures 100% user adoption and early ROI.

Route Accounting

For most distributors, manual data entry, lack of route visibility, and unnecessary customer credits are real headaches that erode profits. The Route Accounting solutions we propose offer better forecasting, inventory management, sales analysis, palletization, and pricing control.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Since maintaining accurate information of your inventory is crucial to your business’s success, the DSD solutions we offer will give you real-time visibility into products in the warehouse, in the delivery process, and on your customer’s shelves.

Diesel Engine Optimization

From the moment emission control features were mandated on heavy-duty trucks, maintenance costs have skyrocketed. Our proprietary Diesel I.O. solution eliminates aftertreatment issues, improves fuel efficiency by 10–15% and reduces repair costs by 50% on average.

We assist companies of various types and sizes

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The danger of underspending

Over the years, we have untangled more problems for companies that tried to save a buck.

More times than not, they found the solution they invested in wasn’t 100% compatible with back-end systems, was too cumbersome to roll out and still sitting in boxes, or was constantly down or under repair.

Why call us in to make a wrong investment better? Call us in before.

The danger of overspending

It may seem less risky to just buy it all for fear of not having what you need, but overspending is a sure-fire way to lose profitability, worker adoption, and customer satisfaction.

If the solution is too complex for workers, they won’t use it properly. When that happens, your customers will feel the impact.

Don’t be fooled into buying more than you need. Give us a call before you invest.

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