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Speciality Labels

Revolutionize Flexibility with Specialty Removable and Re-usable Adhesive Labels

Specialty labels with removable and re-usable adhesive represent a game-changer in the realm of product labeling, particularly within the highly competitive beverage industry. These innovative labels are designed to provide a no-residue removal from a variety of container materials, ranging from glass to plastic, ensuring that the aesthetics of the packaging remain intact.

For businesses looking to enhance brand visibility, facilitate recycling processes, or execute temporary marketing campaigns, these labels offer unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. The potential for customization and their ability to adhere reliably under various conditions, yet remove cleanly, redefine product presentation and consumer interaction. They empower brands to engage in dynamic marketing strategies and create reusable packaging solutions that resonate with eco-conscious consumers. How can adopting such versatile labeling solutions overcome the challenges of maintaining brand integrity while adhering to sustainability goals in the beverage industry?

What are Removable Adhesive Labels?

Ultra Powerful Removable Adhesive Labels are a unique innovation in the labeling sector, combining robust adhesion properties with the ability to be cleanly removed without leaving residue. This combination makes them exceptionally versatile across multiple applications where temporary yet secure labeling is required. The key features of these labels include their strong yet residue-free adhesive, durability against various environmental conditions, and compatibility with multiple surface types.

They find extensive use in industries that require temporary identification of products, assets for events, or items in rental services. The advantages of using ultra-powerful removable adhesive labels include the flexibility of repositioning or replacing labels without damaging surfaces, maintaining cleanliness and professionalism in product presentation, and reducing costs associated with label removal and surface cleaning.


  • Strong adhesive for secure placement yet easy removability without residue.
  • Resilience against environmental factors such as water, temperature variations, and UV light.
  • Compatibility with a broad array of surfaces, including glass, metal, and plastic.
  • Offered in various sizes and shapes to meet specific application needs.

Use Cases

  • Identification of temporary inventory or assets in rental and event management.
  • Product labeling for items requiring later removal of labels, such as electronics or home goods.
  • Temporary signage and information labels in retail, hospitality, or exhibition settings.
  • Asset tagging in offices or educational institutions where inventory may frequently move or change.

Greatest Advantages

  • Enhances operational flexibility by allowing easy updates and changes to labeling without damage or residue.
  • Supports a clean and professional appearance of products and assets, crucial for customer presentation.
  • Reduces costs and labor associated with label removal and surface cleaning, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Provides a secure, temporary identification solution that can withstand various environmental challenges, ensuring reliability and durability.

InTu Can Help!

At InTu Mobility, our distinction in the supply chain and labeling industry transcends being a mere media supplier; we are your strategic partner dedicated to optimizing supply chain efficiency. Our comprehensive portfolio, featuring everything from high-quality labels to the state-of-the-art printers needed for their production, positions us uniquely to cater to all your labeling requirements. This breadth of product offerings ensures that regardless of your application needs—be it in logistics, inventory management, or beyond, you have access to a one-stop solution that meets your criteria.

Leveraging years of industry-wide experience, InTu Mobility excels in providing customized solutions. Our expert team works closely with clients to understand their specific operational challenges and objectives, ensuring the delivery of labeling solutions that are not just effective but perfectly tailored to their unique requirements. This consultative approach is grounded in a solid understanding of the diverse needs across different sectors, enabling us to offer solutions that truly make a difference.

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