Looking for a mobility solutions provider: Dreaded blind date

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Looking for a mobility solutions provider: Dreaded blind date

Most businesses approach buying mobility solutions like going on a blind date. They begrudgingly agree to a friend’s suggestion, or go on the word of a trusted colleague or look for that one great match generated by an online search. They arrive at the meeting place a little apprehensive, looking for what was promised on paper, and depending on how the stars have been aligned, may or may not hit the jackpot.

Looking for a solution (be it mobile, software, hardware or even services) for your business should not depend on luck. It requires thoughtful consideration of required attributes, analysis of present needs, compatibility between needs and what the solution can offer. Because as we all know from experience, what is promised on paper may not translate well in person.

This is especially true today where companies face an onslaught of information from multiple vendors. VDC Research estimates that companies like ‘Datalogic, Honeywell and Motorola Solutions (now part of Zebra Technologies) face competition not only from new and emerging vendors introducing lower-cost scanners in conventional form factors but also from non-traditional ecosystem participants building scanning accessories and software enhancements for consumer handhelds like smartphones, tablets, and now wearable solutions’.

The fact is today, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. However, enterprise investments in solutions require careful and proactive comparison and analysis to ensure the right fit and deployment of professional grade mobility options. As in dating, choosing the right mobility solution requires not just selecting the solution but also analyzing how well the solution fits your operating and deployment environment. The correct software, hardware and services solutions need to be purpose-built for your company needs as well as enterprise-ready.

Enterprise mobility consultants

Here’s where consultants come in. Like a trusted friend, we help you get past the first impressions, honestly explain how good of a match the courting companies are, and help you focus on to the real issues at heart

Is this solution expandable and upgradable to your growing needs? Does it have the flexible diversity to help your company move forward?

Does this fit your core competency?

Which operating system(s) will you use?

What is the complexity of the environment it needs to support?

What is the level of IT support that you will be receiving and how does it fit with your current IT setup?

Will be you receiving device management training or top tier support?

These are just some of the challenges you, as a company, need to ask of the solution you are courting. Success in this market will be determined by your ability to adequately weed through the different wooing strategies, realize the level of commitment that the vendor is willing to make, have the time to make the right decision. You need to be agile yet thorough, comprehensive yet nimble. As consultants, we can properly ensure that each moving part of the solution works for your needs. It costs companies huge amounts of time, energy and money to date vendors.  Choosing the wrong solution can often lead to a costly project termination, and ill will for your brand.

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