How does T3 Smart Tag Collect Information

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How does T3 Smart Tag Collect Information

Harnessing the Power of T3 Smart Tag™ Technology in Cold Chain Monitoring

In the realm of cold chain monitoring, the T3 Smart Tag™ stands as an innovative tool that tracks and records critical temperature data. This technology is not only transforming how we monitor temperature-sensitive goods but also reshaping decision-making processes about product safety and usability. This article explores how the T3 Smart Tag™ collects and stores information across location, temperature, and time.

Gathering and Transmitting Information

The T3 Smart Tag™ collects information through a simple scan using either a smartphone, handheld scanner, or industrial scanner. The data collected is then transmitted via the internet, making it accessible for analysis and decision-making in real-time.

Location Collection

When scanning a Smart Tag™, the device requests access to Location Services. If granted, the scanning address is collected and assigned to that scan. If Location Services are not allowed, the IP address is used as a substitute, providing a location within a reasonable distance. However, if a user is utilizing a VPN connection, it might pull the address of the VPN location versus the scan location.

Temperature and Time Tracking

Each T3 Smart Tag™ is created with a specific threshold temperature that it tracks, which is the maximum exposure temperature. The time the tag is over this temperature is tracked when the mixture of food-safe ink and fatty acids within the tag melts, moving the ink across the Smart Tag’s barcode.

Smart Tags™ have either 4 or 5 alert statuses which provide temperature information:

  • QC1 – tag not active
  • QC2 – tag remained under the threshold temperature. Did not exceed temperature for more than X cumulative minutes/hours.
  • QC3 – tag was over the threshold temperature for between X and X hours.
  • QC4 – tag was over the threshold temperature for X+ hours.

These alerts provide crucial insights into whether the product has been exposed to undesirable temperature conditions and for how long.

Tracking Cumulative Temperature

One of the unique features of the T3 Smart Tag™ is its ability to track cumulative temperature. The blend of ink and fatty acids within the tag melts and moves over the tag’s barcodes when the temperature exceeds the threshold. If the tag is rechilled, the melting process stops, and the time over the threshold temperature ceases to accumulate. However, if the tag is exposed to higher temperatures again, the melting resumes from where it previously stopped.

Accuracy and Reporting

The T3 Smart Tag™ ensures accuracy by never reverting once the time over-temperature is tracked. While the tag doesn’t report the exact temperature or the specific time of maximum exposure, it provides information on whether the product was over temperature and the cumulative time over temperature. This data empowers businesses to make informed decisions regarding the safety and usability of their products.

In conclusion, the T3 Smart Tag™ offers a revolutionary solution for cold chain monitoring. By accurately tracking and recording temperature data, it enables businesses to ensure product safety, enhance operational efficiency, and make informed decisions based on precise data.

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