Putting lipstick on your business process?

Lipstick On Your Business Process...err pig...
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Putting lipstick on your business process?

When you think your solution is smoking hot…

But it’s still a pig…

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. How many times have you heard that being bandied about in a meeting? The sad truth is being unbroken does not always translate to being successful. Take your business process, for example. How can you make sure that you are leveraging the right technology to support your processes and ensure a high level of efficiency?

Ask any business owner if they’d pick up money on the warehouse floor and in most cases, the answer is yes. Most times though, business owners (however small or large) have so many tasks and duties that keep them from effective business process practice, that they don’t always see the money on the floor that gets thrown away.

Improving Your Business Process

In our experience, the one critical area companies hesitate to enhance is often the area that needs bold redefinition — that of improving the business process. Many companies will replace software and hardware looking for major improvements; however they will leave the same business process in place thus putting lipstick on a pig.

We often find that while companies are eager to take on new businesses or convert to new systems, they are less likely to redefine or expand their process in accordance with their growth or conversion.

A new solution or ever-expanding growth cannot be looked at as a fix-all if you haven’t thoroughly examined your current business process. Mobile engagement and enablement is a strategically important goal for many companies, but it often requires more than just a simple budget or installment to be successful. It involves an in-depth examination of how you currently conduct business.

Analyze your Business Process for Actionable Improvement

What is the repetitive sequence that you, as a company, follow to initiate and complete your interaction with a customer?  Many companies make investments into the business, but often forget to review and redefine their business process in key profit generating or profit loss areas.  A process that have served your company well — or not so well — still needs to have an migration path just as the other portions of your business.

Often companies overlook reviewing and modifying these areas as they are viewed as “not broken” so “don’t fix it” parts of the business.  Have you analyzed this business process to know how long it takes and where the hang-ups are? What if you could greatly improve a process and have it updated for everyone in your organization? Is your business process dependent on a few stakeholders or can it work seamlessly in the background?

How InTu Mobility can help you Optimize Your Business Process

These are the questions companies shy away from asking simply because they are too close to the issue at heart. And this is exactly where an advisor is critical to a business. Our external lenses help companies examine themselves and their underlying business processes to ensure that goals and needs are being met.  Acting as an extension of your company and using your in house expertise; combined with expert industry process understanding; our goal is to help develop the areas of your business where more money can be made, and less can be lost.

We know that as an industry, many face rapid expansion. Our years of experience help your organization test if your business process is flexible enough for this expansion? We analyze your day-to-day activities to see if your process can bear the burden of upcoming trends.

We don’t stop there…

That’s not all a good advisor does in this particular situation. We not only help with detailed investigations of underlying business processes, but also how business rules should be defined, configured and refined for your needs. The reality is that our business does not always come with a straightforward ‘plug and play’ solution. Any solution requires a high level of customization, improvement and understanding of the real potential of technology to your company’s context. 

A cautious step-by-step approach of defining and validating the business should be undertaken before a solution is even considered. Success in deploying a profitable mobile solution will be determined by your ability to be adequately comprehensive and flexible.  An advisor helps ensure that your business process is up to date, your inefficiencies have been examined, and that your new solution or growth is compatible to your needs.

We help you answer the hard questions:

  • How often do you evaluate or upgrade your business process?
  • How much money does your current process cost your company?
  • Could a process improvement improve market share?
  • What is the cost in rectifying mistakes?
  • What will it take your business to be more efficient and gain higher profits?

As enterprise mobility advisors, we help build a purposeful and driven mobile environment for your company through analysis, collaboration and recommendation. Our goal is to make you more efficient, more productive, more profitable, and ultimately, more successful.

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