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Voice Picking System

Warehouses and distribution centers that are still equipping employees with scanners and paper pick lists to fulfill orders and manage inventory increase complications and human error by 35%. That’s because by keeping an employee’s hands occupied during the picking process, more problems arise. EPG’s Lydia® Voice Picking System is the solution that increases employee productivity and profitability. It offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and interfaces with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions.

Why invest in a voice picking system?

  • Improved process quality and increased delivery accuracy
  • Modular program structure for maximum flexibility
  • Easy integration into existing IT infrastructures
  • Can be used independently of any specific platform and database
  • Compatible with many industry-standard voice and data terminals
  • Allows the use of smart devices such as handhelds, tablets and smart watches

Lydia VoiceWear®+

The perfect ergonomic solution for voice-guided processes.

Lydia voice picking system

Why Lydia® Voice over other voice picking systems?

  • Roughly ½ the cost of competing voice picking solutions
  • 100% online connection
  • 6,900 mAh (18 hours)
  • Android Industrial Operating System w/Windows Embedded Compact 7 (EC7)
  • Winner of the Supply Chain Award 2020

Lydia® Voice

Highly reliable voice recognition even while wearing a mask.

warehouse voice picking with face mask

Testing and rental options

Despite offering a swift return on investment, introducing voice-assisted systems means making investments up front, and this is something that companies often look to scale back during uncertain times.

In a bid to markedly reduce this investment risk, we offer free testing and a flexible rental model. The Lydia® Subscription makes it easy for companies to venture into the world of voice-controlled warehouse operations.

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