Temperature Threshold Tracking Solution

T3 Smart Tags

A cutting edge IoT device that removes subjective reading errors and digitizes data for intelligent business decisions.

Keep your product temperature in check!

Measure cumulative time outside of desired temperature range, ensuring the safe transport of temperature-sensitive products to their final destination. 

The T3 Smart Tags are a cost-effective solution that extends and enhances your current cold chain management process, giving you valuable insights into your product’s journey down to the last mile. 

Don’t leave your cold chain to chance

Next-Gen Technology that Transforms Your Business

The T3 Advantage

Save Time and Money

Low unit cost makes these smart tags a great choice for every delivery, helping you streamline the process and improve deliveries.

Transform the way you gather and use data.

T3 Smart Tags eliminate any room for human error and guarantee accurately digitized data that can be used to make informed business decisions.

Next Gen Technology

Monitor temperature over time with unmatched precision and reliability on an entirely organic material without batteries or chemical additions for a completely food safe solution.

Seamless Integration

Easy to scan tags will provide temperature, date, time, and location data that will report to the Spring Global software for maximum efficiency and easy deployment.

Get Your Customized Smart Tags

Reduce waste and maximize sales

Make sure your product is never outside the proper temperature threshold. T3 Smart tags can be applied directly to individual product units and/or shipping cases. Make sure you have complete, accurate data about your product’s temperature throughout its journey from the warehouse to the shelf.

Not just hardware, this is total solution!

The T3 Smart Solution

T3 isn’t just a tag!

It’s the complete solution suite for all your logistics needs. Simply attach the Smart Tags and access all the data you need from the Scanning suite, all available on the cloud. With every scan, you’ll be able to see crucial information like who scanned, unique ID, scan time, and even the location of your shipment.

Track the stability and freshness of your products with cumulative temperature measurements. Say goodbye to complicated tracking methods and hello to an easy breezy process.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy to track product at the case and package level

  • Quickly deployed & simple to operationalize
    Gather and analyze data in the unseen transition points.

  • Ensure optimal quality and compliance

  • Made from organic material safe for food

  • Improved visibility across the entire supply chain

  • Elevate customer service by making sure you never deliver product that has exceeded the threshold

T3 Tags can be customized to track specific thresholds based on all your customer requirements.

T3 Smart Tags vs.
The Other Guys

The hands down solution

  • Fully Organic, Non-Toxic and Food Safe
  • Fully Definitive Data Readings
  • Customize Your Tags to Fit Your Brand
  • Deploy easily and integrate with your existing systems

Fully Customizable

Customize and brand your tags making this solution your own. From the Logo to the size of the tag.
Show Your Customers that Your Product is Safe

Full Data Trail

T3 Smart Tags have a Full Data Trail with Shorter Interval Thresholds
Never lose the trail of your data!

No Batteries,
No Subscriptions

Other brands need to be powered by batteries or require monthly subscriptions.
T3 are a one time price!

Easy Deployment

Deploy easily and integrate directly into your existing systems
Don't wait months to integrate.

Learn how T3 Can Help you

Our advisors are standing by to take your call. Or you can fill out the form and we will reach out shortly to show you how you can revolutionize your cold chain.

With an ultra low entry price point of $0.95 per tag!

Comes in a variety of Sizes

Revolutionize your cold chain with T3 Smart Tags – the affordable solution to ensure your products are always safe and high-quality. Don’t settle for outdated methods when you can outfit every single product with cutting-edge data technology. With two ultra-affordable tag sizes available, stay ahead of the competition without breaking the bank. T3 Smart Tags – the smart way to safeguard your cold chain.

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