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Mobile Deployment


Seeing your project through from beginning to end

Proper mobile deployment starts with professional pre-project consultation and ends with user adoption and ROI. Our mobility experts will assist you every step of the way through the mobile deployment process.

“Enterprise ready” deployment process

Deploying a mobile solution is where everything finally comes together. At this point, planning is complete, software and hardware selections have been made, networks have been updated, and we’re ready to make our specially designed mobile solutions your reality. During the deployment process, we will help you with:

  • Pre and Post Deployment:
    • Management of all solution partners
    • Inspection and testing of all mobile hardware
    • Software application loading and MDM/MAM configuration
    • Activation of carrier service
    • Testing of all software on devices and wireless networks
    • Kitting of device components, instructions, technical support information
    • Reporting / audit requirements: Asset tags, serial numbers, OS versions, ESN/EMEI numbers, software licenses etc.
  • Installation / Roll-Outs:
    • Our mobility consultants can be onsite to oversee installation, rollouts, and go-lives. They will work in conjunction with the software, service partners and your IT team to help troubleshoot any issues and provide support for a smooth rollout. With so many potential moving parts, our customers find it valuable that we can assist in all areas of the mobile deployment process. Our number one priority is to ensure the solution we helped design is up and running successfully flawlessly , has user acceptance, and most importantly saves our customers time and money.


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