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InTu Mobility Adds LDT™ Duty Cycle Optimization Technology and Services to Field Mobility Solution Offerings

New diesel engine technology helps companies gain an average of 1-2 MPG per truck and drastically reduces downtime and maintenance costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO (March 7, 2017) – InTu Mobility, a field mobility advisory firm that specializes in developing end-to-end mobile solutions for companies, announced today it is the exclusive partner of Lloyd Diesel Technologies (LDT™) and their Duty Cycle Technology and Services, used to optimize diesel engines in heavy duty trucks and fleets. By adding diesel engine technology to its suite of field mobility solutions, InTu Mobility can help customers with large fleets, not only gain efficiencies through the use of mobile technology in the field, but also help them to maximize the performance of their fleets on the road.

In recent years, fleet optimization has taken center stage as companies look for ways to reduce operational costs while maintaining compliance with stricter emission standards. The single, largest expense for fleet operators is fuel, followed by rising maintenance costs. New truck engines come generically spec’d for the average duty cycle, but the one-size-fits-all generic settings can cause DPF issues, blown turbos and poor fuel economy. Since each truck’s duty cycle varies, and factors like long hauls, start-and-stop hauls, uphill vs flat terrain, and more can affect optimal fuel efficacy and peak engine performance, it’s important that a truck’s ECM be properly programmed. Fleets that have been optimized using the LDT™ solution experience an average of 10 – 15% greater fuel efficiency and realize a savings of $15,000 on average per month in after treatment and related maintenance costs.

“Adding LDT™ Optimization to our portfolio of field mobility products and services was a natural fit,” said Tony Horling, expert mobility advisor and owner of InTu Mobility. “For years, we’ve been equipping workers in the field with mobile technology to make them more efficient and productive. It made good sense to offer fleet optimization solutions as well, and LDT™ offers a clear, competitive advantage over other solutions on the market today.”

Kenny Kellogg, Principal Partner Lloyd Diesel Technologies commented, “We’re excited to have InTu Mobility as the exclusive partner of our LDT Optimization and Services. We specifically chose them for their expertise in helping companies optimize productivity in the field. The partnership couldn’t have been forged at a better time. LDT™ started by servicing 2007 and newer Cummins equipped trucks. Now the technology and services can accommodate almost all Aftertreatment equipped diesel engines on the market today: Peterbilt, Mercedes, Freightliner, Mack and many, many more.”

Fleet management and operational professionals interested in learning how InTu Mobility’s LDT™ Optimization Technology can reduce their fleet’s maintenance and fuel costs, can register to join InTu Mobility’s risk-free pilot evaluation by signing up here or by calling 866.442.INTU. Participants in the pilot program will benefit from having LDT™ master diesel experts on site to run diagnostic evaluations, and are under no obligation to purchase the technology if they do not see a significant savings.

About InTu Mobility:

InTu Mobility is a field mobility advisory firm that specializes in developing end-to-end mobile solutions for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. They provide companies with custom-designed solutions which include P.O.D., routing, route accounting, GPS, telematics, mobile hardware / software, etc., designed to make a company’s field operation and mobile workforce more productive and efficient.

The company was founded by enterprise mobility authority Tony Horling, who has built a reputation over 15 years for helping companies morph into the business they aspire to become. InTu Mobility partners with companies that share a mutual interest in leveraging mobile technology that will help improve and expand their operations both inside-the-four-walls and out. Our client list includes: Coca-Cola, Miller Coors, United Rentals, Anheuser Busch, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and many more. To learn more about InTu Mobility visit: https://intumobility.com

Media interested in learning more about InTu Mobility or LDT Technology and Services can contact
Karen Fleming
Director of Marketing, InTu Mobility
866-442-INTU Ext. 20

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