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Reliable Hardware​



The MC3300 Integrated UHF RFID handheld family.

  • Hardware that reduces downtime, increasing the efficiency of your mobility solutions and your bottom-line (ROI).
  • Your supply chain requires rugged, reliable hardware.

Mobility Systems with ROI


  • Rugged builds and some ‘almost’ indestructible options
  • Proven track records, put to the test. The “numbers” don’t lie.
  • Handheld Portability = Freedom
  • Multi-Functional Capabilities: (OCR, Imagery, RFID, …) 
Intu-itive Software
Supply Chain Systems | Warehouse, Retail, Food & Beverage, and many more
WMS, Field Service, Point of Sale, MDM, and more!

Software Mobility Solutions

  • InTu partners with industry leaders in supply chain software.
  • Hardware requires sophisticated and adaptable software to supply your chain with high-quality real-time data. 
  • Global Field Operations Solutions
    (POD, DSD, Route Accounting, etc)
  • Warehouse Management Systems with Voice Picking
  • Mobile Device Management Solutions
  • Integrated Point of Sale Options

InTu Mobility focuses on helping you create a seamless supply chain. Whether it’s a ground-up project or implementing the latest technologies within your existing supply chain, we help streamline your operations and provide elite mobility solutions.

If your existing system works as you hoped, we can also preserve it and overcome any hurdles you may face. When planning or upgrading tools throughout your supply chain effort(s), it’s only logical to have a company like InTu Mobility as your ally.

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