Is your mobility solution comfortable but sloppy?

Sloppy Mobility Solution
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Is your mobility solution comfortable but sloppy?

Do flannel shirts and sweatpants best describe your company’s mobility solution — you are comfortable but definitely slacking?

If this is you, read on.

In our experience, we often see that a company’s mobility solution is not always customized to their business goals and needs. It’s the solution they have made peace with, not the solution they aspire to have. They are making do with the well-worn but definitely not-with-it attire.

Is it time for a change?

You need to ask yourself three questions about your mobility solution:

  • Is your system helping your business process to address all your needs in the manner you desire?
  • Is your operating system current, or are you still on a “no longer supported” or “end of life “operating system?
  • What is it costing your company to “make do,” or to “settle”?

We often come across businesses that fear making the change to a new system. They think of change as a monumental task, one that will cost them money and time — with no thought to the improvements or return on investment it can bring. In the long run; changing over to a customized mobility solution can help achieve improvements in business process, worker attitude, customer satisfaction, and increased profits. The only stipulation is that the mobility solution must be designed with their needs in mind.

If you are in a similar situation, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

Examine the process

In order to examine your process, you first need to understand the scope of your goals. How does your process help you achieve your objective? When was it last optimized? Is it automated? Does your workforce understand it completely? Is it comprehensive enough to handle delays, breakdowns or even emerging technology? Learn how we help you examine your business process.

Analyze the inefficiencies

What are the elements that are not optimal for productivity? Are there procedures in place to confront these inefficiencies? How are these inefficiencies affecting your productivity, and more importantly, your customers? Would migrating over to a new system help reduce inefficiency?

Confront the struggle

How can inefficient elements be optimized for maximum output? What is the reasoning behind the lack of migration to a new system? How can these barriers be better understood?

As businesses, we all want to be well-dressed and reap a high return on investment that benefits our company, our employees and ultimately, our industry. At the same time, we operate on too thin a margin to afford the costs that fear of migrating over to a newer system can lead to. By ignoring inefficiencies and emerging systems, we are helping to ensure that our businesses run on a sub-par level..

The goal should always be to have a customized, integrated solution that fully mobilizes your workforce to be more informed, more efficient and more profitable TODAY.

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