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Enterprise at Home

Can your enterprise network handle telecommuting?

Many companies today have more people working remotely from home than they have ever planned for. As remote work suddenly mushrooms, new issues arise.

Can your system scale to handle all the additional stress?

Will a hacking epidemic follow the medical one?

Mist and Juniper already have solutions to help your company adapt to new conditions — and InTu Mobility is ready to guide your implementation.

Financing offers

To help customers during changing business conditions, we are offering no-interest financing and a deferred payments program.

COVID-19: working from home

Telecommuting solutions to fit new WFH needs

Mist wifi for remote workers

Mist Wi-Fi for remote workers

Many companies provide their workers with a client-based VPN solution. Extending a Mist secure AI-driven Wi-Fi to their homes is more robust than consumer-grade WiFi solutions and easy to install. Simply plug in a Mist Access Point to their broadband router, which will allow configurations to take place through Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). In minutes, APs can be configured with the company’s desired networking and security policies. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your employees are working safely, and you’ll receive insight and automation into their experience. Understanding each employee’s user experience increases network reliability, reduces downtime, and network fire-fighting expenditures.

Extending your corporate SSID and AAA

Extend your corporate SSID and AAA

When Mist Edge is deployed in conjunction with Mist Wi-Fi Access Points, overlay VPN technologies are eliminated which makes extending your enterprise network to employee’s home possible. You’ll be able to extend your corporate SSID and AAA services to remote offices safely, while maximizing traffic security with an IPSec tunnel. This solution works well for managing auxiliary devices in the home too. For example, a VoIP phone can be powered from an auxiliary Ethernet port on a Mist Access Point.

Juniper Connected Security with Mist

Juniper Connected Security with Mist

Many remote workers have more than one device and/or require advanced security measures. Juniper Connected Security works well in these situations. This innovative solution includes a Mist Wi-Fi Access Point, Mist Edge and a Juniper SRX security device with Firewall and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Through Mist’s AI-Driven platform, your network and company will receive greater automated enforcement, increased cloud protection and better visibility to safeguard your operations. VoIP desk phones, videoconferencing equipment, Mist

Watch a live demo to learn about the Enterprise at Home solution, and get a free access point*

Mist telecommuting solution

To learn more about the Enterprise at Home solution, join a demo and learn how to:

  • Set, monitor and enforce user service levels
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the network remotely
  • Eliminate the need for truck rolls to perform packet captures
  • Simplify and secure your telework solution

*Free AP subject to qualification

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