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Diesel aftertreatment results

  • 52% or better drop in repair costs
  • Up to 71% less downtime across truck fleet
  • Better fuel mileage across fleet
  • 100% money back guarantee with optimization pilot program

Decreased repair costs

Here we use results achieved with Saccani Distributing as a case study to document the overall and financial effects of LDT Optimization on a vocational fleet. The following chart shows parts and service costs for the Saccani fleet during the 4 years preceding LDT Optimization service — and then for the 7 months following LDT service.

Before: $7,159

Average monthly cost over previous four years

After: $3,209

Average monthly cost after LDT Optimization

On average, LDT Optimization is saving Sacanni Distributing 55.2% a month on repair costs. Across their 25-unit fleet, this represents a savings of $158 per truck, per month — or $1,896 per year.

Averages Based on LDT Optimized Customers


Annual Decrease in Maintenance Cost

Miles Driven Before DPF Servicing Needed


Fuel Efficiency Increase

Decreased downtime

The following chart shows the cost of just aftertreatment-related repairs for the Saccani fleet — lost revenue due to downtime, plus repair costs — prior to LDT Optimization.

For the 12 months following LDT Optimization, no chart is needed to show losses related to aftertreatment failure, because there have been …

0 days of downtime and $0 spent

… on premature aftertreatment-related repairs for the entire Saccani fleet.

Better fuel economy

Scenario 1: Over the Road (OTR) Heavy Load, averaging 80,000 pounds

Scenario 2: Over the Road (OTR) Light Load, averaging 55,000 pounds

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LDT™ Optimization works for these trucks

Blue Bird, CAT on-highway engines, Cummins on-highway engines, Detroit on-highway engines, Dodge (RAM 2500 & Up), Ford (Covers diesel F250-F750), Freightliner, GMC (C, T, & W Series), Hino, International, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi Fuso, PACCAR MX engines, Peterbilt, Sprinter (All Models), Sterling, Thermoking, UD (Nissan Diesel), Volvo, Western Star.

What LDT™ Optimization does not do

  • LDT does not void the original manufacturer warranty on the engine.
  • LDT does not violate any emissions standards to your zero-emissions engines.
  • LDT cannot help units that are 2006 and older or retro-fitted with A DPF.

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