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Zebra Technologies VC8300 Android Vehicle Mount Computer

Does the Android OS Live Up To Its Windows Predecessor?

Zebra VC8300 Vehicle-Mounted Computer
2021 is a year of significant change for mobile computing, with Microsoft ending its extended support of Windows CE devices. If you’re in the market to upgrade your large screened, Windows-based (OS) vehicle mount computers, now is the time to migrate to Android. You’ll want the same large screen and the very latest mobility platform to make the transition to a completely different OS as painless as possible. Does Zebra’s VC8300 Android vehicle mount computer live up to its Windows-based predecessors? We thought so, and here’s why.

Easy, Instant Out-Of-The-Box Migration to Android

The VC8300 took all the pain out of migrating from the Windows app to Android. We found it convenient that you can run your existing ‘green screen’ apps right out of the box—no ramp-up time required, and can re-use all of your existing accessories including the VC80x. Since All-Touch TW powered by Ivanti Velocity is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, existing Terminal Emulation (TE) apps run on the VC8300 right out of the box – no application modification required. And when we transformed the apps into interactive modern screens, with All-Touch pre-loaded and ready to use, all it took was a push of a button.

Rugged Enough For All Work Environments

Designed for any vehicle and the most extreme environments, we were impressed with how well the VC8300 performed in numerous work environments – inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock, and even in the freezer. Working well within a variety of environments means the VC8300 is a good choice for a variety of industries: warehousing, distribution, retail, food manufacturing, field service, you name it.

In addition, the touchscreen is large (10 inches) and supports graphics-intensive, interactive applications. Its visibility indoors or outdoors in bright or dark conditions was easy to use even with gloves on. It has a dust-and-water tight IP66 sealing, sealed connectors, and was extreme temperature, shock, and vibration tested, making it rugged enough for the most diverse supply chain environments.

Fits in Virtually Any Material Handling Vehicle

The Zebra VC8300 offers multiple mounting options including standard RAM mounts for easy installation anywhere in the vehicle, enabling fast and easy low-cost replacement of legacy devices. And a quick 10-second release makes it easy to move during vehicle maintenance and device repair.

More Reasons to Invest in Zebra’s VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computers

  • Built-in lifetime security support
  • Ready for next-generation Warehouse Management Systems
  • Superior in-vehicle Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wide Band Audio for high-performance voice applications
  • Fail-safe voice and data connectivity
  • Get more for less with Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode

How Much Does The VC8300 Cost?

Visit our store or call us at (866) 811-0110 to receive volume discounted pricing.

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