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Zebra Technologies RFD40 UHF Standard Sled

Is this UHF RFID reader really a game-changer?

Zebra FFD40 Handheld RFID Sled

It’s difficult to avoid the supply chain disruption that is taking place around the world. Worse yet, it appears the supply chain crisis will not be getting better any time soon. Many factors have contributed to the crisis: Consumer demand, increased online ordering, labor and container shortages, to name a few. That’s why it’s more important than ever to invest in technology that will increase operational efficiencies. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology solutions can do just that.

What to consider when selecting a UHF RFID reader

RFID technology is not new. It’s been around for many years now. Warehouse and distribution centers have been using RFID technology solutions to streamline processes and increase productivity. A robust RFID solution includes hardware, software, and networking. When it comes to hardware selection, choosing the right RFID reader for your application can seem a bit daunting. Not only is the RFID reader the brain of the RFID system, but each reader comes with unique features that should be carefully considered before investing. To muddy the waters, other factors like read zones/read points (which vary by application), the number of antenna ports, and method of communication (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, host computer) all need to be factored in. And maybe the most important thing to consider when selecting a reader is its ability to future-proof your investment. Enter Zebra Technologies RFD40 UHF RFID Sled. Its adaptability to mobile computers is the game-changing feature that won us over.

The number one benefit of the RFD40 is …

After reviewing many RFID readers on the market today, we were highly impressed with Zebra’s RFD40 because of its ability to adapt to mobile computers as they get upgraded down the road. When technology is updated, the quick and easy, tool-free changeable adaptors and cradle cups allow workers to swap out devices effortlessly Other aspects of the RFD40 that impressed us were:

  • Unparalleled Efficiency — 1,300+ tag reads per second (up to 30% faster than the next leading competitor), a 20+ foot read range, and ultra-accurate item-finder mode, a 7000mAh battery and quick release function that’s accessible without removing the mobile computer, it can keep going hour after hour.
  • Extremely Durable — The RFD40 Sled has a 5-foot drop to concrete specification and a 500 cycle 0.5 meter/1.6 foot tumble specification to replicate real-world knocks and bumps. It has an IP54 sealing for dust and water protection, and an extended operating temperature range of -10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F
  • Innovative Cradle Solutions — Using just a coin screw, you can swap out mobile computers without tools or the hassle of plugging or unplugging any wire harnesses, simplifying the experience for all users.
  • Batch Mode Back-Up — If a real-time connection to backend systems is not available, batch mode enables the collection of up to 40,000 RFID tags. Just sync to upload the data from the RFD40 Sled to the host device at any time.

Industries that pair nicely with the Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Reader

  • Cannabis (Seed-To-Sale) — Metrc tracking / compliancy, Plant maturity/lifecycle management, Unique weight capture at harvest and during processing, General plant and package inventory, Real-time location, Item movement, Item destruction, Parent-child relationships as plants are transformed from one product to another, Order fulfillment, Shipping and receiving
  • Healthcare — Specimen Tracking, Patient Tracking, Hospital Asset Management and Tracking, Staff Management and Tracking, Patient Identification and Admission, Medication Administration, Pharmacy Management and Tracking
  • Retail — Cycle Counting, |tem Finding, Planogram Compliance, Returns, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Back-of-store Management, BOPIS/BOPAC, Direct Store Delivery, Route Accounting
  • Hospitality — Check-in and Administration, Ticketing: Concerts, sporting events and more, Loyalty Cards, Food Safety and Traceability, Inventory Management, Field Service

How Much Does The RFD40 Cost?

Visit our store or call us at (866) 811-0110 to receive volume discounted pricing.

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