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MOBILE HARDWARE REVIEW: Zebra’s New ET80 & ET85 Rugged Tablets

Earlier this week Zebra introduced their new ET80 & ET85 (ET8x series) Windows rugged tablets and 2-in-1s. They’re the first tablets from Zebra that support Wi-Fi 6E and 5G for higher speeds and more reliable performance through greater connectivity.

Zebra rugged tablet used in warehouse

Ideal work environments

Although the ET80 & ET85  tablets would be a great solution in many environments, their rugged design and advanced connectivity make them the ideal tablet solution for public safety, government, field service, and manufacturing markets. For public safety and state and local government agencies, Zebra’s tablets and 2-in-1s enable routing and dispatch communications, patient care reporting, barcode scanning, e-citation, and personnel tracking. For field service including utility workers, in addition to routing and dispatch communications, the devices can be used for mobile work order management, safety inspection and compliance, and remote assistance. On the manufacturing plant floor, they help improve quality assurance and forklift operations, as well as maintenance and repair workflows.


Standalone tablet or desktop replacement?

Both. The thin and light ET80 and ET85 (less than 2.9lbs), which run on Intel 11th Generation processors, are a portable option in the field and can be purchased with a detached rugged keyboard featuring a friction hinge so front-line workers can experience a complete laptop-like experience on the go, in their vehicles or at their desks. With support for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), companies can enable private LTE networks that provide cost-effective wireless connectivity in the largest facilities – indoors and outside. The tablets offer a flexible work option that can transform into a desktop in the office or a mobile workstation in a police car, truck, or forklift. The ET80 and ET85 also offer a longer battery life than previous models, reducing time spent recharging or switching to backup devices, further improving productivity, and reducing downtime.

A display that’s all business

The large 12in. screen and its 3:2 ‘all business’ aspect ratio provide more real estate to display more information, improving productivity and ease of use. The screen is easy to view indoors and outside, even in bright sunlight. The touchscreen works when wet and with gloves. And with a keystroke, conceal mode instantly turns off the display and keyboard backlight for safety and data privacy. 

Zebra ET80 and ET85 Rugged Tablets

Would we recommend Zebra’s ET80 & ET85 Rugged Tablets?

Absolutely! As experts in field and enterprise mobility, we’re particularly impressed with the connectivity Zebra’s ET80 and ET85 offer. Field workers need to stay connected and have to juggle working in multiple work environments, including their car or truck. First responders, field service technicians and manufacturing line workers, need a mobile device they can trust to perform flawlessly, anywhere, and Zebra’s ET80 & ET85

What is the price of an ET80/ET85 Rugged Tablet?

Visit our store for current pricing or call us at 866-811-0110.

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