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Cross Platform Apps
Industry Trends

Cross-platform apps are IN!

Are you working without cross-platform apps? In the beginning, choosing mobility software was easy. It was a Windows world, so there was no decision to

Lipstick On Your Business Process...err pig...
Business Process

Putting lipstick on your business process?

We often find that while companies are eager to take on new businesses or convert to new systems, they are less likely to redefine or expand their process in accordance with their growth or conversion.

Enterprise Mobility Challenge
Industry Perspectives

Enterprise mobility challenge: Begin!

A company must understand where to start looking when defining which solutions would be best suited for them to review. Shopping wisely for the items on your mobility list requires knowledge of the market, familiarity with its suppliers, the history of product lines, industry trends, the latest advances in technology, and much more.

enterprise mobility fear island
Supply Chain Consulting

Enterprise mobility: Get off the island of fear

Many companies I have spoken to over the years have ended up here. “We started a project, and we got down the road, and now we’re in the weeds — and we’ve learned to adapt to being in the weeds. We never finished the project. We’re still stuck where we were five or six years ago. We never migrated. We never made a change.”

Sloppy Mobility Solution
Business Process

Is your mobility solution comfortable but sloppy?

Do flannel shirts and sweatpants best describe your company’s mobility solution — you are comfortable but definitely slacking? If this is you, read on. In

Supply Chain Consulting

What is the cost of failure?

Failure comes in a number of ways, and this isn’t always just in mobility. This is just in general technology. If I’m a company who

hiring an advisor
Supply Chain Consulting

Hiring an Advisor: Real vs. Perceived Cost

When evaluating whether you should hire an advisor or a full-time employee for your specific needs. It is important that you appropriately distribute the indirect costs that are related to them. These are usually divided into three categories.

Supply Chain Technology Trends

Supply Chain Technology Trends in 2023

As supply chain technology continues to evolve, supply chain professionals need to stay abreast of the latest trends. In 2023, supply chains are expected to

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